Saturday, July 23, 2016

Applying for a Professional Session: What to Do and What Not to Do.

Ever since I started taking professional sessions, I have had several people apply for session time, but only a few have been accepted. Why? I will go over some of the things that cause me to turn away potential clients, and things that will cause me to accept you, almost immediately.

DO's & DON'Ts

1. Take the time to fill out the session inquiry in full. Think about why you want to session with ME, and describe what fantasy you envision with me. I am interested in what you want to explore, because I know what I like and I want to know if your interest and my expertise are in align with one another. I am a professional, and that means I take pride in my art, I take pride in my sessions and in order to make this work for both of us, we need to communicate on some level. If you are contacting me as a submissive, do not forget that I require obedience and respect from all of my clients and submissives and will not hesitate to deny your request if I feel I am in any way being disrespected. In this business, the customer is not always right.

2. Tribute appropriately! The accepted session request requires a $50 tribute to hold session time and date, and it is clearly noted on the website and application. I should not have to remind you to send it once I receive the application. The longer I wait for the initial tribute, the less patience I will have.

3. I may require you to complete some tasks until I feel you are ready for a live session, including phone session or cam session, all of which are tribute based. This is in order to gauge your intentions more. I am very good at reading people, but often times people try to not be read. If I feel at all unclear to your intentions, I will require more information until I feel good about moving forward. If you are not willing to show your dedication to submitting by completing simple tasks, such as filling out minor paper work and or liability forms, then I will not work with you, period. Most subs actually love it when a Domme wants to know a lot about them and their fetishes and/or submissive desires, so when you show no interest in that, it becomes clear you are in it for yourself only.

4. I am interested in submissives, masochists, fetishists, and those interested in TPE or Total Power Exchange. If you don't know what you are, or if you are inexperienced, that is okay, but you need to remember that this is not just an act for me, this is who I am. Therefore I will only spend my time with those who I feel have gone above and beyond what is necessary to get my attention and show their truest desire to serve me. Decide if it is appropriate to read up on different BDSM roles/expressions, so you can gain clarity on what you are interested in.

5. Address me appropriately! Madam, Ms., Ma'am, Goddess, Domina are all acceptable titles for addressing me with respect. Do not write me sloppy emails, or I will not read them. Take some responsibility for what you are putting in front of me as a representation of yourself. I love great grammar! I know not everyone has excellent grammar, but at least try!

6. Do not ask me to tell you more about myself, UNLESS you have already read everything you can about me from all of my various online profiles, PLEASE. I will most likely repeat some of the various things I have written previously, as they all tend to sum me up pretty well.

7. Do NOT send me dick pics, detailed stories of your sexual pursuits or other unnecessarily explicit materials, as I will not accept them and you will be immediately rejected.

Hopefully this will be a helpful guideline for those of you who are wanting to book a professional session, but are unaware of the etiquette or appropriate way to go about speaking to a Professional Domme. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment, if you have a specific question that I did not address.