Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Travel Dates! October 16 thru November

Hello my darlings pets!

I hope everyone is enjoying their October, my birthday and favorite month. I just had a guest appearance on the Dr Susan Block Show this last Saturday the 15th. I was joined by a sweet sissy maid, bianca, who occasionally serves me, and I demonstrated urethral sounding on her, as it is one of her favorite medical procedures. It was definitely something that stirred some awe and amazement from many of the more vanilla audience members. I enjoy sounding her as much as she loves/hates it,  because I love forcing her to take her medicine, whether she wants it or not, because I obviously know what's best for her...

I also got to hand out spankings to several of the cast and crew and was introduced to bloody jolly masochist, TS Jacqui Blu. What a joy to cane a real honest to goodness masochist! I rarely get to session with anyone who truly has a real masochistic streak, and most of my clients prefer power exchange more than pain, which is also a deep love of mine. Everyone was very welcoming at the show and I am grateful to have returned for a second appearance.

In other news, I have some new collaborations and clip productions coming when I return in early August so keep your eyes and ears out for that.

Travel dates:
October16-31: outside of Sacramento (off the grid)
November1-5: Portland
November 6-30: San Diego

December is still up in the air, as I have a few invites for work that I will need to travel for. I will update once Ive made the decision.

Until then!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Birthday Month! How to Celebrate Me!

My birthday is the 13th of October, meaning it is less than a month away!
I love celebrating my birthday and usually make a habit of celebrating for the month up to my birthday, and sometimes through October, I mean it is Halloween after all!
I love to be spoiled and I love presents, so If you are looking for a way to connect or bring a smile to my face, while tributing from afar, I appreciate even the smallest token of affection, dick pics excluded. Take a peek at my wishlist, and if you don't see what you like there, a tribute or purchase of some of my niteflirt goody bags or goodies will support this fetish artist! Madam's Birthday Wishlist

YouTube Clips Up Now!

I have been wanting to post mini teaser clips for some time now and finally figured out my garageband and iMovie editor. I hate to admit that it was a challenge for me, but I am happy with the result and hope that you all will enjoy my homemade sexy time art!

Prepare to submit

Submit To Madam

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Double FemDomme sessions with guest Dominatrix, Madame Sablique Von Lux

My friend and colleague, and one bad ass femdom, Madame Sablique AKA Gypsy Von Lux, will be visiting San Diego from August 28-September 4th. We will be offering double Domme sessions including but not limited to; ball busting, giantess, trampling, foot/ass/armpit worship, ignoring, tease & denial, humiliation, puppy play, and cbt.

Deposit is required for all sessions, and the best way to apply is on my website, via the session inquiry page.

We will be filming quite a bit while she is here, so it would be a great time, for Skype sessions and custom clip requests if live sessions aren't an option. We always enjoy the different ways in which we can infiltrate your mind and make you our little plaything.

Madame Sablique
Madam Sydney

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Double Domme with Goddess Fae tomorrow between 3-5pm

Goddess Fae and I are offering skype and phone double Domme sessions tomorrow, August 10 from 3-5pm PST. Tribute is $4/min phone and $5/min skype. Pre-booking suggested, as spaces available are limited. We will be sessioning from the dungeon and are looking forward to having our way with those slaves lucky enough to be dominated by us two superior females.

You can find more information out about contacting us and how to tribute on our websites:

Slave tasks with Goddess Fae and Madam Sydney

Goddess Fae and I are interested in trying out some different ways of being served by all of the excited and obedient slaves that contact us. We will be running a trial, offering double Domme slave tasks via kik messenger, for the next few weeks to see how it goes. We have decided to assign 4 slave tasks to any slave willing and brave enough to participate, for a tribute of $75. The tasks will escalate as we move through them and will vary depending on our mood, your behavior and of course your ability to complete said tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

You can find information on how to tribute via our websites: